Anton Bendarjevskiy


"Usted no vino aquí por un largo tiempo de hecho, y el tiempo que tiene es demasiado corto, realmente demasiado corta para tocar todas las bellezas de este desconocido, mundo maravilloso "
            Carlos Castaneda

Hi… I think the time has come to get acquainted. Sin embargo, será bastante conocido de un solo lado, ya que no podemos hablar en este momento aquí en tiempo real, and you just read my thoughts which I had formulated on one of 2011 summer nights sitting in my working room…

I’ve born in January 1985 en un país lejano, cubierto de pinos y abedules, en Bielorrusia. ¿Qué se conoce como la última dictadura en Europa desde 1995. Nacido en un post-soviético, país dictatoric era bastante obvio que uno de los valores más importantes para mí es libertad.  
  We’ve emigrated with my family in 1995 in another beautiful country, Hungary, which however wasn’t too kind to us, but became our home. Since that time I live here with some short pauses to travel around the world and while living in United Kingdom, Russia or Bulgaria.
I don’t really recognize the definition of “homeland” – I think there are important human values like the place of childhood memories, lugar de su casa donde usted vive, o el lugar(s) dónde están tus amigos. But these don’t necessarily connect to a political formation in a specific geographical region… Your home is where you are currently with your family and the people you love.  
  Quería convirtió en periodista o escritor famoso desde que era un niño pequeño. O si no es uno de ellos, de "hombre importante" para asegurarse. Estaba jugando adulto en mi infancia ahora. El mundo de los adultos eran mucho más brillantes, y los adultos hacían lo que querían hacer (libertad). I even had a serious-looking briefcase – I don’t even remember whose was it, probably my uncle’s. It was brown, a bit shabby, and it was like it filled up with all the seriousness and self-awareness of the adults… and while putting inside “important” documents I got some of this feelings… I wanted to control the things happening in the world, to govern the planet, or at least some smaller country… And once my parents brought home a writing machine and a new world started for me. My dreams and fantasies came alive: since I was 6 years old typing letters on the paper I have created a new world, which became exactly like I wanted it to be. And nothing limited my imagination…
Journalism has succeeded for me since that time, and also traveling around the world. Sin embargo ambiciones y de gobierno del mundo de mi escritor son todavía las perspectivas para los próximos años.  
  Me encanta fresco, cosas nuevas. I love being creative and always think about something which I can create. I love traveling and exploring new places and people, and stopping the time by a press of the button of my photo camera. I hate boredom (including boring people) and the human’s stupidity.
Every men have some goals. In an optimal case. Different goals. For which it is worth to live. Because in these goals he will find the meaning of his life.

And what is the meaning of Life? – quite a general question I must admit. Happiness? Pleasure? Family?

A while ago I thought the meaning of life is the Knowledge. Probably not the knowledge is the key. But the Goal…

  Hopefully this is enough about me.

If you are interested in some more information, please check my “Publications list” on my webpage. 

“We have started to suspect that there is something like perfection after hundred lives. We’ve needed another hundred to realize: the meaning of our life is to find the perfection and improve it. The same rule applies to us now as well: se formará el próximo mundo para nosotros de acuerdo a lo que hemos aprendido en nuestro mundo actual. Si usted no ha aprendido nada, el otro mundo será exactamente la misma. Usted lucha con exactamente los mismos obstáculos y dificultades ".
Richard Bach: Gaviota Jonathan Livingston