Márk Maczelka


I acquired the basics of filmmaking in the fabled secondary school of Szentes at the dramatic department, unter der Schirmherrschaft der László Papp oder Pappla, wie er ist allgemein bekannt. Hier meine Liebe zu diesem Beruf hat mich mein Studium in diesem Bereich und gleichzeitig weiterhin unsere eigenen Geschäfts mit meinen Freunden in etablieren 2005. I graduated in 2010 at the Communication and Media Studies department of the University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts. Derzeit bin ich ein MA-Student an der Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften. Die Erweiterung meines Wissens nie zu Ende bekommen, thus I worked for the Hungarian Radio and Hungarian Television among others. With regards to our assignments, I am responsible for the control of the given project, the two main piles for this are smooth production and transaction and the constant contact with our clients. But my favourite field of work is being a camera-man. I like to putter with lighting up the space, planning the movement of the camera and even to keep myself updated with the constant and exciting changes of film-technics and technology.