Марк Maczelka


I acquired the basics of filmmaking in the fabled secondary school of Szentes at the dramatic department, under the aegis of László Papp or Pappla, as he is generally known. Here my love for this profession made me continue my studies at this field and at the same time to establish our own business with my friends in 2005. Я окончил в 2010 на кафедре связи и СМИ исследований университета города Печ, Отделение гуманитарных и математических наук. Currently I am an MA student at the Faculty of Business and Economics. Expanding my knowledge would never get to its end, thus I worked for the Hungarian Radio and Hungarian Television among others. With regards to our assignments, Я несу ответственность за контролем данного проекта, the two main piles for this are smooth production and transaction and the constant contact with our clients. But my favourite field of work is being a camera-man. I like to putter with lighting up the space, планирование движения камеры и даже держать себя в курсе постоянных и интересных изменений фильма-техники и технологии.

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