“You came here not for a long time indeed, and the time you have is too short, really too short to touch all the beauties of this unknown, wonderful world”
            Carlos Castaneda

Hi… I think the time has come to get acquainted. However it will be quite one-sided acquaintance, as we can not talk right now right here in real time, and you just read my thoughts which I had formulated on one of 2011 summer nights sitting in my working room…

I’ve born in January 1985 in a far country covered by pine trees and birches, in Belarus. Which is called the last dictatorship in Europe since 1995. Born in a post-soviet, dictatoric country it was quite obvious that one of the most important values for me is Freedom.  
  We’ve emigrated with my family in 1995 in another beautiful country, Hungary, which however wasn’t too kind to us, but became our home. Since that time I live here with some short pauses to travel around the world and while living in United Kingdom, Russia or Bulgaria.
I don’t really recognize the definition of “homeland” – I think there are important human values like the place of childhood memories, place of your home where you live, or place(s) where your friends are. But these don’t necessarily connect to a political formation in a specific geographical region… Your home is where you are currently with your family and the people you love.  
  I wanted to became journalist or famous writer since I was a little child. Or if not one of these, than “important man” for sure. I was playing adult in my far childhood. The world of adults were much more shining, and adults did what they wanted to do (freedom). I even had a serious-looking briefcase – I don’t even remember whose was it, probably my uncle’s. It was brown, a bit shabby, and it was like it filled up with all the seriousness and self-awareness of the adults… and while putting inside “important” documents I got some of this feelings… I wanted to control the things happening in the world, to govern the planet, or at least some smaller country… And once my parents brought home a writing machine and a new world started for me. My dreams and fantasies came alive: since I was 6 years old typing letters on the paper I have created a new world, which became exactly like I wanted it to be. And nothing limited my imagination…
Journalism has succeeded for me since that time, and also traveling around the world. However my writer’s ambitions and governing of the world are still perspectives for the next years.  
  I love fresh, new things. I love being creative and always think about something which I can create. I love traveling and exploring new places and people, and stopping the time by a press of the button of my photo camera. I hate boredom (including boring people) and the human’s stupidity.
Every men have some goals. In an optimal case. Different goals. For which it is worth to live. Because in these goals he will find the meaning of his life.

And what is the meaning of Life? – quite a general question I must admit. Happiness? Pleasure? Family?

A while ago I thought the meaning of life is the Knowledge. Probably not the knowledge is the key. But the Goal…

  Hopefully this is enough about me.

If you are interested in some more information, please check my “Publications list” on my webpage.

“We have started to suspect that there is something like perfection after hundred lives. We’ve needed another hundred to realize: the meaning of our life is to find the perfection and improve it. The same rule applies to us now as well: our next world will be formed for us accordingly to what have we learned in our current world. If you haven’t learned anything, your next world will be exactly the same. You will fight with exactly the same barriers and difficulties.”
          Richard Bach: Seagull Jonathan Livingston