Information about the film


Director-Reporter: Anton Bendarjevskiy
Director of Photography – Editor: Mark Maczelka
3D Animation: Norbert Misku
English Voice: Andrew Rouse
Hungarian Voice: Istvan Gyukity
English Translation: Peter Radics
Russian Translation: Anna Bendarjevskaya
Hungarian Corrector: Janos Gabnai

Official contacts

Anton Bendarjevskiy –
Mark Maczelka –

Technical details

Cinema version: 106 min
Television version: in two parts (1. part: 47 minutes, 2. part: 53 min)

Hungarian version: Hungarian voice with Hungarian subtitles over the Russian dialogues
English version: English voice with English subtitles over the Russian dialogues

Music: music rights reserved by Universal Music

Available formats:
DVD PAL, 16:9

Sound: CH1-CH2 Dolby Digital

Film premiers